Tips To Finance Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special event, but it can be expensive. It’s difficult to start a marriage in debt. But


Classical Wedding Ceremony Music

Following list features some of the most popular Classical Wedding Ceremony Music. Some churches only permit classical music for wedding


Wedding Party Songs

If you and your guests like to dance, then you’re going to want to make a starting list of some


Choosing a Jazz Band

In years of arranging many a jazz band for all sorts of events I am struck by the similarity of


Processional Wedding Ceremony Songs

Following chart represents the most popular processional wedding ceremony songs. This is the music to introduce the bride while she


7 Tips On Success and Health

Here are 7 tips on success & health which if applied to your life everyday, you’ll see an amazing improvement


Wedding Ceremony Songs

Here are 3 lists of wedding ceremony songs grouped for different parts of a wedding ceremony: Entrance – Processional Wedding


Wedding Line Dances

History of Wedding Line Dances A growing trend is to include wedding line dances at the wedding reception. Line dancing’s


Band Promotion Checklist

So you’ve got the band together… You’ve selected your song list and the tunes are well rehearsed. So now what?

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