10 Best Wedding Dance Tips

Your wedding day is fast approaching and all the planning is going well. You expect your wedding day to go off without a hitch. And it just might but, what about after the wedding when it comes time for the bride and groom to get out on the dance floor at the reception for their first dance as a couple?

Did you ever think you may need 10 best wedding dance tips to make sure that the reception goes off without a hitch?

I think that with everything else going on this is the one thing that may get overlooked a lot of the time but it is going to happen nevertheless. It is best that you do what you can to plan for it as well.

Here is 10 best wedding dance tips:

  1. Most couples pick a slow wedding dance song for their first dance and if possible, their specific song that they have chosen to represent their love. Slow dancing is not difficult but it may need to be practiced a few times especially if the two of you have never danced together before.
  2. Be prepared for your DJ not being able to find your song. Have more than one picked out for the occasion.
  3. Take your formal attire into consideration. If your dress is a shoulder hugging type of dress you most likely will not be able to put your arms around your groom’s neck so adjust accordingly.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. If possible practice somewhere with the same type of flooring and in the same shoes you will wear with your dress. Encourage your groom-to-be to do the same thing so you both get a feel for the surface and the footwear.
  5. It also might be a good idea to practice dancing in clothes that mimic your bridal gown. You don’t want to ruin the dress by stepping on it so practice dancing in a long skirt and try to kick it out of the way when you make a dance step.
  6. If you are finding that you are intimidated or just too nervous for any reason about the first dance it might be a good idea to get some pointers from a dance coach. Suggest that the two of you take some lessons before the wedding.
  7. You may want everything to be perfect on your wedding day but not everything will. Maybe you are marrying a man with absolutely no rhythm, don’t sweat it just let him do the best he can and you do the best you can.
  8. Do not make this a do or die moment. Sure all eyes will be on the two of you but it will only last a minute or two so don’t worry.
  9. If things go awry then use it as a cue to allow others to join you on the dance floor. No one will even notice a misstep or two anyway.
  10. Just have FUN. This is your day and these are the 10 best wedding dance tips that will help your day be absolutely perfect.

My wife and I choreographed our wedding dance just 2 nights before our wedding. We remembered most of it on the day, but most importantly, we had fun and the wedding video echoed this.

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