1st Birthday Party Ideas


Decide on what type of party you want. Would you like to have a party at home with just close friends/ family or maybe a bigger bash held at a venue somewhere? Keep in mind that your one year old will feel much safer in his/her own home within their comfortable surroundings.


Think about your one year old’s sleep schedule as this will dictate what time the party time will be. If your bub is sleeping twice a day then maybe a midday party would suit. The little princess/prince of honor won’t complain if he/she is sleeping for a bit during the party – as long as the bub is awake for “Happy Birthday”, to say “hi’ and to get some happy snaps, that’s the main thing.

Length of Party

Generally a 2 to 3hour party is perfect for little ones especially if there are older kids coming too. If no other children are attending, then your options are open as to how long the party should go for.

Entertaining The Older Kids

If you have a lot of older children attending, then it is a good idea to have something for them to do. You could simply organize some games for them to play or hire a children’s entertainer for an hour or so to keep them happy. Magicians, face painters, characters are all great and very popular options.

Capturing The Special Moments

Ask a family member of friend to take photos for you. This way you can just focus on having a great time and trust that the special moments will be captured with you in it rather than behind the lens.

Food For The Kiddies

If you are inviting friends who also have the same aged children, then no need to go over the top and offer “lolly bags”. Most parents would not give their 1 year old lollies anyway. Think about healthy food options for the kiddies like cheese sticks, fruit platters, sandwiches, yoghurt, water, etc.


If there are a lot of kids attending and the party is in your home, then it’s a good idea to move any delicate or precious ornaments to eliminate expensive accidents! Make sure there are no hazards in children’s reach if you have not ‘kiddie proofed’ your home yet.

Little Bubby’s Play

It’s a good idea to have a safe, clean area with some toys for the bubby’s to play with as small children of this age generally don’t play together but rather along side one another.

Opening Presents

Make sure you have a spot where guests can put their presents. You can open the presents when your guests are there, or of you’d prefer to do that after the party has finished. Make sure you make a note of what each guest bought to so can make mention of it on your “thank you” cards.


Why not get your guests to write a special message on a calico bear or in a special book. This is a lovely memento for your child to read later in life.

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