20 Things To Do In Melbourne On A Rainy Day

Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather, or as I know it, “the City of Four Seasons in a Day”. As a relative newcomer, I’ve already had more than my fair share of rainy days, so here are some tips on what to do when the sky decides to have a cry.

  1. Have a coffee – Melbourne is known for its great coffee. On every corner resides a café that will have a great steaming mug of Joe to warm you up if you’ve been caught in the rain.
  2. Visit the Melbourne Aquarium – Say hello to the friendly penguins that live at the Melbourne Aquarium.
  3. Go to the markets – Hunt down some bargains at the covered markets, whether you’re at the South Melbourne Market for fruit and veg, or Victoria Market for clothes.
  4. Rent a movie – Cuddle up at home and watch a rental instead of slugging it outside.
  5. Eat on a tram – Make a booking and enjoy a fine meal on the Tramcar Restaurant. View the city from one of their most popular forms of public transport in style.
  6. Go to the Melbourne Museum – Not just full of old stuff, this museum shows Melbourne’s culture and history.
  7. Indoor Go-Karting – Race around the track and avoid the rain.
  8. Cash in at the Crown Casino – Spend some money and maybe win some inside the award-winning Crown Casino.
  9. Have some Italian – Situated on Lygon Street are some of the best Italian restaurants around.
  10. Shopping Time! – Located around Melbourne are several great shopping centres, with many little boutiques around the city itself and malls in the suburbs.
  11. Serve some time – Visit the Old Melbourne Gaol and see how the other half lived behind bars.
  12. Have a laugh – Situated in the heart of the city are some great comedy clubs where you can laugh the day away.
  13. Be a critic – Appreciate some contemporary art at the ACAA, which showcase the country’s best and international artists.
  14. Walk in the rain – If you’re one of those who love the rain and don’t mind getting a little wet, Melbourne’s architecture is said to be the prettiest in the rain.
  15. Watch an old movie – The Astor Theatre in St. Kilda plays classic movies for vintage film lovers.
  16. Enjoy a theatrical production – From the Regent to the Princess Theatre, enjoy a variety of shows performed all year round.
  17. Cheer on your favourite team – At the Etihad Stadium, watch your AFL team play while you’re safe and dry.
  18. Read a book – Melbourne houses many libraries in which you can lose yourself in a book, which hopefully does not talk about bad weather.
  19. Pamper yourself – Get a massage or a facial at the many day spa centres located in the city.
  20. Sleep in – Rainy days are the best for sleeping. So if you’ve got some sleep to catch up on, rainy days are the best time to do it!
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