Duck Cameron Magician Review

Duck Cameron is a classy entertainer who offers a dynamic and astounding illusion and magic show. Duck has been rapt by the world of entertainment since he was just a little kid, fascinated by the magnetic stage presence of stand up comedians, but most of all magicians and cabaret performer with a more elegant approach and self image.

What started simply as a hobby for Duck went on to become the pursue of an art, a full time profession that brought him to perform all over the world, enchanting thousands of people crowding hotels, holiday resorts, corporate conventions and private functions, as well as many other major events.

Duck Cameron enjoys a solid reputation as one of Australia’s hottest magicians, praised by Beat Magazine, he is the recipient of numerous awards for his incredible performances, timeless magician appeal and his charming wit.

Duck Cameron is able to put up a show that can be highly entertaining, clever and elegant at the same time.

Offering a night to remember and catering to a very diverse audience, young or old – nobody is immune to the fascinating show of a world-class magician. Duck knows how to relate to the audience and create an intimate, yet grandiose feel as a fundamental setting of his unique performances.

To book Duck Cameron Magician, contact Vogue entertainment or call 1300 296 133

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