Event Companies – What do they do?

A good events company will listen to what you expect from them and conversely explain to you what is within their abilities. They should then explain how they can meet those needs within the time, cost, manpower, and resource restrictions they have to live and operate under. Generally once the client has voiced their ideas they shouldn’t have to get their hands dirty. They are merely consulted upon every decision but never involved in the discussions or negotiations. Below is a general skeleton that every event company should follow:


Once your budget and needs have been confirmed the event company will use their network to find an appropriate venue. They will come back to you with a long list of sites or venues to choose from. They will do the management and negotiation for you hassle-free.


Creative decor is a defining factor when it comes to creating the perfect event. The company will present you with a number of options and once you have had a look, they’ll be sure to tailor the final outlay to suit your individual needs.

Staff and Entertainment

For an event to go smoothly there are a number of key players. The event company can delegate all roles using their archive of entertainers, AV companies, theming suppliers, travel and transport logistics companies and even security staff. It’s an endless database that simply needs your approval.


From daily timetables and staff management to registration, ticketing, guest co-ordination and venue OH&S, event companies can manage a great deal of event logistics.


Guests should be treated to the very best in cuisine. This is your chance to taste test a number of delicious meals by acclaimed chefs, before deciding on the day’s menu!

Event companies offer years of experience, highly trained lighting and sound designers, and a bank of people who can make your birthday, wedding or corporate function, the event that people will be talking about well after the day’s end. With professionals on board imaginative and beautiful ideas can become a reality!

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