Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker

Once you have explained what you want your dress to look like, the dressmaker should be able to calculate how much the dress is going to cost. Some dressmakers will give you a total fee which includes the materials or you may find (like I did) that she will quote for just the labour and then let you go and buy the materials yourself. I chose to do this because my mother makes clothes and costumes and she was able to guide me with design and material decisions.

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Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker

If I had known nothing about sewing, I probably would have got the dress maker to quote including materials so she could go and buy them herself.


Have they got a portfolio to show the quality of their work?

This is really important to ascertain that you are happy with the garments they produce. When you look at the portfolio you are looking at how their garments are finished. Does it look professional? Could you imagine seeing it in a store?

How many fittings will you need to attend?

This will give you an idea of how they like to work and you will also have an idea of what is expected of your time also.

When will she/he start making your dress?

It is a good idea to make notes of when they will start and how often the fittings will be. This can be a good motivator if you want to shed a few kilos and will give you dates to work toward.

How long will it take to make?

The length of time if will take to make the gown will depend on how complicated it is to make, how many other projects the dressmaker is working on and your commitment to your fittings

What are the payment terms? When is deposit and balance paid?

Naturally this is important if you need to budget your finances.

Have they made a dress similar to your before?

It may be that your dress if the first of its kind that they are making. This doesn’t mean that they cannot make it well; it just means that you need to comfortable with their skills. You may find that they have made a similar dress and even have a photo to show you.

My Wedding Dress

Here are some pics of my wedding dress on my wedding day.

Getting ready at Mum & Dad’s

Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker

Everything went smoothly… no disasters.

Photoshoot with photographer at Mum & Dad’s

Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker

Thanks to Dean at Brandon Dean Photography

Walking down the aisle

Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker


Just Married!

Questions To Ask a Wedding Dressmaker

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