Steven Spellmaster Review

Steven Spellmaster is one of Australia’s top comedians, with a focus on hypnotism on stage. This seasoned performer is one of the most sought-after entertainers on the continent, with more than 3,000 shows under his belt, including countless radio and TV features.

Steven Spellmaster is able to cater to a really diverse crowd, making him a perfect fit to virtually any kind of events, from family celebrations to corporate conventions or hotel entertainment.

The truly unique element in Steven’s performance is definitely his unedited approach, blending the mysterious and fascinating art of hypnotism together with an hilarious comedic feel, which warmly engages the crowd.

Under such a liberating and convivial setting, people seem to love not taking themselves too seriously and simply sit back and relax, laugh, shout, sing and clap their hands to the pace of this colorful and kaleidoscopic show.

This talented entertainer defies categories: not just a magician, not just a stand-up comedian, not just a hypnotist…Steven Spellmaster truly set out to create a category of his own that can only be comparable to the international, wide open feel of some of the shows that you are likely to experience on some of the most prestigious stages in Las Vegas – hilarious and intriguing.

Booking a hypnotist with such a level of professionalism, while keeping his formula extremely funny, is kind of a rare thing on the international scene as a whole.

Steven is available for parties, weddings, corporate events…or in any situation where you want to have fun seeing your colleagues, loved ones and friends under hypnosis!

Find out more at his official website which hosts a wide range of videos, as well as reviews and references.

See Steven’s profile on Entertainment Now too.

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