Three Essential Ingredients Passionate Artists & Performers Must Use To Make Big Names for Themselves

If you’re a creative type, there’s no doubt that you love what you do (You certainly didn’t get into this business thinking you are going to start with a six-figure salary!) But there is big money to be made for the artists who recognize the devotion to their lifelong passion must be balanced with a good sense of business skill and specific practices to get more business for themselves. And here our three essential ingredients on how to do just that:

#1 FREE is your ticket to WELL PAID

When was the last time you bought an album before not hearing the hit single on MTV or the radio? In this business you must allow people to SAMPLE what you have to offer before they’re willing to shell out their hard earned dollars to hear more of your brilliance. So think of free gigs as your ticket to a future where people are bidding against one another to have you at their weekend show. “It’s not really a free gig at all” is the proper mindset to have.

#2 Create a Marketing Calendar

Marketing calendars keep artists accountable– it’s too easy to have everything in memory and “not have time for it” because of a busy day. And that’s a real tragedy, because marketing is the single most important aspect of your business. If you’re serious about getting noticed, write a calendar out six months in advance for where you plan to distribute flyers, what day you plan to call around local businesses, churches, and other organizations offering free or low-cost entertainment, when you plan to have that website all built out for your fans to learn more about you. Having a plan of attack and following it ruthlessly virtually guarantees your success.

#3 Help them Find You

More and more, getting your name out there is less a matter of being in the right place at the right time and more about setting up your presence, both online and off-line, and engaging your fans constantly. Make sure to be on all the big social media websites and update them every single week if not every day. And take advantage of all the specialist entertainment listing sites available on the Internet – people on these websites are looking specifically for skilled and talented entertainers to connect with.

How we connect aspiring entertainers with clients

Entertainment Now is Australia’s largest directory that focuses exclusively on the Entertainment business. Built from the ground up with the sole purpose of connecting bands, musicians, and other entertainers with event hosts, the site has become a virtual hub for Australia’s entertainment industry.

As fanatical music lovers we also know personally how difficult it is to get off the ground when you’re starting out, and that’s exactly why we created this site– for small time bands, musicians and entertainers to more effectively find clients in their own area.

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