Tips To Finance Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special event, but it can be expensive. It’s difficult to start a marriage in debt. But with a little creative financing it is possible to have your cake and eat it too, without sacrificing that fairytale wedding you want.

Set A Budget

The first step is to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Then, write down your top priorities for your wedding. Once you determine what’s really important to you, everything else usually falls into place.

Always dreamed of a horse and carriage to deliver you from the white steeple church? Then go ahead and splurge, but the cappuccino bar has to go. Is a custom-made designer gown a must? Get those measurements going, but maybe you can make your own favors and invitations.

Loans or Credit Cards?

If funds are not readily available, a bridal loan or using your credit card could be the answer. By taking out a loan your wedding could end up costing much more in the long run by virtue of the interest payments you’ll owe. Using your credit card(s) could cost you more in interest. But, if your only other option is to pay with plastic, which could cost you 20 percent in interest or more, wedding loans do remain a viable option.

Wedding Loans: Unsecured Personal Loans

Wedding loans for couples getting married could be what you need if you want to finance your Wedding day. If you are a prospective Bride and Groom and are looking for an unsecured personal loan to finance your wedding day there are unsecured personal loans available up to approx $25,000.

If you want a loan to pay for your Wedding Services … there are Wedding loan financial plans to suit people with past and / or present credit problems and unsecured personal loan facilities to suit all non status, poor credit, bad credit or adverse credit status customers who are looking to get married in the not too distant future.

Consolidating Your Debts

A debt consolidation loan replaces multiple loans (such as credit card debt, personal loan debt and other unsecured debt) with a single personal loan usually at a reduced rate of interest.

A debt consolidation loan eliminates the need to make multiple repayments for unsecured debts. It ties up multiple loan repayments into one affordable monthly amount, allowing you to meet your debt obligations while minimizing your monthly outgoings.

With a debt consolidation loan it is usually possible to make payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The length of the debt consolidation loan is set for a repayment schedule which meets your needs.

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