Wedding On A Budget – Saving Tips

Weddings don’t need to cost the earth, and a lack of funds should never stop you from having your dream day. There are many ways to lower expenses; all you need is a little creativity, craftiness, and confidence to call in favours. Here are our tips on how to have a wedding on a budget.

Easy Eating

Sit-down meals are not only the priciest option, but require a lot more planning and formality. Keep your day relaxed by choosing a buffet or shared plate set-up. This allows guests to choose what they want and it cuts down on waste. Picnics and barbecues can also be charming options – you could lay out blankets and baskets of finger food for guests to enjoy as they please. This way you’re also saving on servers and other costs that can quickly make your bill skyrocket.

Creative Entertainment

DIY weddings are so common, creative and chic nowadays that no one should worry about looking cheap. One charming idea for cheap entertainment is a photo booth for guests to snap their own memories. All you need is a tripod, digital camera with self-timer or a willing guest to man it, nice fabric for the backdrop, and perhaps an empty frame the guests can hold for extra cuteness.

Dress To Suit

Go vintage, make your own or nab a hand-me-down. These don’t have to be a frumpy or frustrating options – there are many sources of gorgeous vintage dresses and suits that could easily pass for wedding attire, and it’s an obvious choice if you want something unconventional. Your mum or grandma might be dying to make your dress, and their efforts are sure to be more sentimentally significant than a store-bought gown.

Party Favors

What is this, your sixth birthday?! No one is expecting a goody bag at the end of your wedding! But if you do want to send your guests home with a keepsake, make some handmade treats that won’t break the bank. Bake cookies or fudge in the same flavour of your wedding cake and put them in cute mini takeout boxes or chic brown paper bags; burn CDs of the play list from your reception or the whole day; or set up a lolly buffet with empty treat boxes for your guests to fill as they please – these could even match your wedding’s colour scheme.

Flower Power

Choose seasonal flowers for the bridal bouquet and venue displays. Ask friends and family to then pick them up from the florist for you – this will save you the delivery fees. If you have separate venues for your ceremony and reception, use the same flowers for both. Just make sure you delegate someone to bring them! You could also try making your own floral arrangements – have a go at emulating your favourite styles in magazines, look up tutorials online, and ask around in your wider networks for help from budding florists. Gather flowers from your garden and ask if friends and family have anything they can contribute. The power of community can save you bunches of cash!

Bulk Up

Brides can ask their beauticians for package deals in the lead up to the big day if they expect they’ll be wanting a few treatments. Also, stock up on alcohol in advance – if your desired drinks go on sale, buy them at discounted prices!

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