Weddings In Brisbane – Unique Ideas

Brisbane is a relatively small city but has a lot of idyllic spots that could be great for weddings.

As one of the most picturesque universities in Australia, The University of Queensland in Brisbane would be a great place to hold a wedding. Its Great Court has a huge lawn of greenery surround by a frieze of great sandstone buildings. Not to mention your wedding photos would look fantastic with the two of you frolicking inside what would appear to be a castle.

The Lookout at Mt. Coot-tha is a known spot for couples to hang out, look at the stars and possibly pop the question. So why not hold your wedding there? The renowned Summit Restaurant is also situated on the Lookout, known as one of the most popular and romantic restaurants in Brisbane, which would be a perfect place to hold a wedding reception after. The view is spectacular, with a 360-degree view of the whole city as far as the eye can see. Get panoramic photos of yourself and your beloved with the fantastic view.

The Brisbane City Botanical Gardens are another location to hold an outdoor wedding. The wide variety of foliage would provide a brilliant backdrop for wedding photos, as well as give everyone a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather that Queensland has to offer. The Gardens have a great selection of beautiful attractions such as the Bamboo Grove, ornamental ponds and even frontage of the Brisbane River.

The Brisbane River is considered one of the most iconic parts of the city, so why not get married on it? Running all the way through the city, a boat can be easily hired to suit your function and for a dinner to be held on the river itself. At night, the city lights can be seen and will provide a scenic backdrop for a wedding that guests will never forget. Dance the night away while sailing through the city under a starry sky.

Now, for the adventurous, get married on the Story Bridge! Another local attraction in Brisbane, there are times when you can climb the bridge to look at the whole city. For those who want a ceremony to match the gravity of getting married, this is the location for you! Walk up and say your vows in the sky for the whole world to see. Sure, it will be a small, possibly short ceremony, but definitely an individual one that nobody can top. Dresses are not advisable attire for this one though!

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