Bridesmaids Movie Review

Despite the name, Bridesmaids is no chick flick. It’s a ridiculously hilarious and original take on the age-old debacle that is being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. Starring Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig and packed with farcical characters, Bridesmaids is by far the funniest female comedy of the decade if not of all time. The first of its kind, this movie is rude, crude and distasteful, and audiences are loving it. The colorful gaggle of actresses portray the turmoils of bridesmaid duty without missing a beat. No holds barred, anything goes in this story from diarrhea to vomiting and peeing in the street.

The critics are calling it new, groundbreaking material. It’s not so much groundbreaking material as it is breaking gender stereotypes. It has also been labeled more appropriately as a ‘cultural phenomenon.’ In a society that has dropped the submissive female/superior male mentality, it’s the first movie to show what females finally have the audacity and right to say and do. It’s a true representation of how women interact in real life.

Never before on screen have women dominated a film that will undoubtedly have absolutely everyone in stitches. The film revolves around the drama attached to female friendships as they all deal with their own personal struggles and search for love. Kristen Wiig who also co-wrote the script, plays the main character Annie, who is down in the dumps after losing her bakery business and boyfriend. Searching for a purpose in life while trying to uphold her maid-of-honor duties proves to be more difficult than anticipated. Everything goes wrong and like watching dominos fall, we watch her world crumble as her best friend celebrates her love. But it’s not all doom and gloom, and even through the gloom it’s hilarious. Entertaining until the end, this film is a real knee-slapper that you won’t soon forget.

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