Crazy, Stupid, Love Movie Review

A rom-com for everyone, Crazy, Stupid, Love has an all-round cast and story that will appeal to the middle aged, young adults and teenagers of this generation. With three separate stories tying together neatly, we have three very different scenarios with at least one that most of us will be able to relate to. Enter Steve Carrell, who plays the typical loyal father who’s become a little dull and boring for his wife of 25 years (Julianne Moore); followed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the former being a slick smooth ladies man who falls for the awkward, adorable, good-girl lawyer. Lastly comes Carrell’s son who pines for his babysitter, who in turn, secretly pines for his father. The film is made just that much better with its star-studded cast that plays each character extremely aptly. The script manages to bring everything together at the end, with moments that will make viewers find relief and sense.

As we follow Carrell through his journey of initial depression, then the rediscovery of his manhood through Gosling’s mentoring, we are shown some realistic feelings that everyone goes through at least once in their lives. The film manages to show a humorous, yet touching representation of modern relationships. Crazy, Stupid, Love will leave women satisfied and men, for once, not bored with romantic comedies. With Carrell and Gosling’s chalk and cheese characters, guys will be able to relate to either character. With some real emotions, situations and a belief that love conquers all storyline, this is definitely a rom-com that should make the list for any movie night.

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