Jobs In Events: Hot Job Search Tips

So you want to land a hot job in events? Now is a great time to get into the entertainment industry – there are so many resources and companies around. But to get into the game you first need to know a few things.

What Do You Want To Do?

There are so many facets of events – do you want to do marketing or PR? Customer service or organisation? Lighting or sound? Stage managing or set building? This depends on your skills, but also your passions. Are you a people person or do you prefer more technical tasks? Are you good with numbers and planning, or are you more of an artistic type? It helps to know this when you start looking at companies and venues for your dream gig!

Know Your Options

When it comes to festivals, there has never been so much happening – music, film, books and more. There are also one-off events and established venues, bars and theatres can supply ongoing work, so look around at what’s in your area and what’s available to you. You can sometimes register online for casual job opportunities at conference centres, sporting grounds, stadiums and venues. It can also be possible to send your resume to a company for them to keep on file for consideration for future vacancies.

Build Your Profile

Job websites such as SEEK, CareerOne and My Career and newspaper listings are all obvious places to start, but there are specialist services too. Pedestrian TV has a creative job section on their website that often has events vacancies, as does The Loop. Most job websites also allow you to build a job seeker profile that allows potential employers to view your skills and information and contact you about openings. Make it clear on your profile that you’re looking for work, and keep your details updated.

Get In Early

Work in events starts a considerable amount of time before the event actually happens, and this can be a time when organisers may need extra help. You will appear organised and committed if you apply early, and you’re likely to get a look in.

Start Networking

Follow event companieshotelsconvention centresbarstheatres, music festivals and individual promoters and organisers on Twitter, and try to engage them in conversation. Tweet at them, retweet their announcements – get your name in front of them! If you make a good impression as an active, interested member of their community they might consider you when a position becomes available.

Think Outside The Box

You may need to go through external companies to work at specific events – such as the hosting venue, contracted catering or customer service company, PR or promotions agency, and so on. Alternatively, festivals will have staff they directly employ, so explore your options and contact the departments you’re interested in and send them your resume.

The Reality

Be open minded and prepared to work long, irregular hours, nights and weekends. Be ready to present yourself as professionally as possible, with a positive attitude and lots of energy. Event work often requires working quickly, thinking on your feet and troubleshooting in often-stressful situations. You need to know – and show – that you won’t drop the ball.

Consider Volunteering

If you’re unsure it’s for you or you’re having trouble breaking in to the industry, try volunteering before, after or during an event. It’s a great way to meet people in power and can lead to paid work. Impress the powers that be with your tireless work ethic, great skills and initiative and get some experience to add to your resume!

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