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Are you looking for a band for your wedding in Melbourne? Entertainment Now has a wide range of bands who perform for weddings that may suit your requirements and budget.

First of all you need to decide what size band you want. Here are some considerations and factors that will influence your decision. And by the way congratulations on your engagement!

Size of the Venue

Ask your venue about the floor space available for a band. The venue may be used to recommending a certain size, however this is not set in stone. For instance, smaller venues may always suggest a duo or trio, but sometimes there is room for a 4 or 5 piece live band. Ask the band as well. They also know many venues and will be able to tell you if a certain sized band will fit into a particular venue.

Size of the Band

The size of the venue may now influence the size of the band that you book for your wedding. Physical space is one consideration for the size of the band you book. As a rule of thumb, a four piece band can comfortably fit into a space 3m wide by 2.5m deep. (slightly less if there is no drums). A comfortable space for a 5-6 piece band is 4metres wide by 3.5 – 4 metres deep. This gives them room to move, dance and entertain! Smaller duos & trios that use backing tracks are suprisingly efficient with the space requirements. I’ve never seen a band pakc up and go home because their is no room to set up. After all, we’re a creative bunch and always find a solution.

Find A Melbourne Wedding Band On Entertainment Now

Entertainment Now is a FREE to use Australian entertainment directory. Here is a sample of our wedding bands based in Melbourne and you can book them directly.

Your budget

This is a pretty obvious one. Larger bands cost more than smaller wedding bands. Another rule of thumb is to match number of wedding guests with the size of the band. Remember, this is just a guide and there are certainly no hard and fast rules. So, look at a wedding duo or even soloist for receptions under 50 guests. With guests numbering 50 – 100, duos or trios are suitable, perhaps even a 4 piece band. For larger weddings over 100, consider a live band of 4 – 6 piece and if you really want to make an impression book a 8-10 piece wedding band!

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